Mu Legend how to play on Korean server

Welcome and today we have a post to help players who want to access and play the chanting server of Mu Legend.


Initially it is a basic tutorial on how to obtain a verified Korean account since to play on this server, you must authenticate your game account with a Korean identity and phone.
And to meet this requirement you will need to get help from a Korean.

We have two ways to get a Korean account one of them is to have a Korean friend who creates this account and make the check for you or a second way is to buy a game account with the Korean check.

Estimated cost $ 9 dollars

Before proceeding, I warn you that you risk losing your account if you have any type of revalidation, or if you try to do something on the site that you may be asking for a revalidation, you forget you do not have or at least the sites that sell this type of account revalidation is supported.
Already in the case of a Korean friend you have how to appeal to him and ask him to do the revalidation for you.

Now that you already know all about how to get the account follows the link from the website that sells this type of account there are more, however this was where I bought and gave right the account was delivered within the set period of 24 hours.

The ideal for dealing with an international transaction is to have an account with Paypal
Create an account here

You should receive an email with your password account and a link containing an English tutorial preferably use Chrome and use Google Translate

Next step will be to download the game download and installation to comply with this step does not need the use of VPN.

To finalize you will need to have a Korean VPN there are paid solutions, but after having spent a lot with your account ideally is to use a free solution I recommend downloading Softether on the site ►

It is free easy to install and very quiet to use

Now that you already have the game account and the VPN software is just go to the game

I’ll update soon the post

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